Meet Dimples! Cute, sweet, and easy-to-eat, Dimples is the adorably delicious, incredibly nutritious treat whose cheerful face is sure to light up any kid’s meals!

Dimples Seedless Mandarin Oranges are the cure for boring lunch boxes and everyday dinner plates, and a colorful alternative to unhealthy snacks. These sweet treats are easy to peel and kids eat them up like candy! Every bag of Dimples comes with smiles and laughs galore, so invite Dimples to your table or produce aisle, and let the fun begin!

Our Dimples mandarins are the ‘Gold Nugget’ Hybrid seedless mandarin variety, combining good fruit size with rich sweet flavor. The slightly bumpy “Dimpled” rind is bright orange with a deep orange flesh color. Offering excellent productivity and outstanding storage characteristics, Dimples fruit is slightly flattened in shape with little to no neck and averages medium to large in size.


Gold Nugget Mandarins


Dimples PLU 4055 - Medium Sizes - Available in 2, 3 & 5 lb. Bags

April through June

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