At Cecelia we are committed to taking the necessary steps to implement and maintain a sound food safety management program.

With the assistance of the Food Safety Group, LLC. in house staff is continually lifting the bar for food safety.

Cecelia uses Primus Labs as our third-party auditor:
*GAP (Good Agricultural Practices)
*GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices)
*HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Controls Points)

Our focus continues to be to identify, address, and eliminate all potential hazards that we can.

Cecelia also participates in the following:

  • We maintain a database of all pre and post-harvest chemical applications to All company owned ranches.
  • Field and harvest crew in house audits.
  • Examinations of soil and water sources, fertilizer, and chemical programs, adjacent land uses and other risks from surrounding activities.
  • Periodical review of harvesting practices, employee hygiene and sanitation issues.
  • Programs that identify potential sources of contamination and measures to mitigate these risks in our packing house and cold storage facilities.
  • Recall program – The fruit in every shipment is identifiable by code to determine the Grower, Lot Id, and Date pf picking and packing.
  • 24-hour video surveillance of the entire packing facility and cold storage.