Our Mission Statement
It is our goal to give our customers the finest, most wholesome foods possible. We are committed to taking the necessary steps to implement and maintain a sound Food Safety Management Program. Although we cannot eliminate all hazards, we will do everything possible to reduce hazards.

   • We use Primus Labs as our third party auditor.

   • Recall program - the fruit in every shipment is identifiable by code to the
      grower, acreage, date of packing and picking.

   • We maintain a database of all pre and post harvest chemical applications
      to all company owned ranches.

   • We participate in the following Good Agricultural Practices
        - Field and harvest crew audits
        - Examinations of soil and water sources, fertilizer and chemical
           programs, adjacent land uses and other risks from surrounding
        - The periodical review of harvesting practices, employee hygiene
           and sanitation issues.

   • We participate in the following Good Manufacturing Practices
        - Programs that identify potential sources of contamination and
           measures to mitigate these risks in our packing house and cold
           storage facilities.

   • 24 hour video surveillance of the entire packing facility and cold storage

   • HACCP in place.