Classic Style California Navel Oranges

The “Sky Valley” label was developed to be used exclusively with oranges that meet this grand tradition. Sky Valley Heirloom Navel Oranges are a reminder of another time when fruit was grown for its flavor and enjoyment, not its sizing or its timing. When you see the Sky Valley label you have the assurance that only our finest heirloom Navels go into this package.
Planted in the 1930’s, the Sky Valley Ranch consists of “Old Line Washington Navel Oranges.” In the 1930’s this was the primary type of navel orange planted in California and gave California its reputation for the best tasting citrus in the world. For the large-scale commercial grower this root stock and variety are no longer desirable as they do not produce as quickly or as heavily as the newer root stocks. It is, however, the root stock and age of the trees that gives Sky Valley its unique flavor profile and allows us to call its fruit “heirlooms.”
Sky Valley
Sky Valley PLU 4474 – Available in 4 lb. Bags
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“Simply the best oranges you will ever buy. A highlight of every winter and a must buy every time I visit Trader Joe’s from Jan – March. Their juicy delicious goodness is just awesome.”

Jayanth I.
Sky Valley Customer

“They are, without a doubt, the MOST delicious oranges I have ever eaten! My husband and I have been eating them daily since mid January and, honestly, I am not sure I can ever eat another kind of orange!”

Peggy G.
Sky Valley Customer

“Best tasting oranges I’ve ever had. Picked up a bag at trader Joe’s and I went back less than a week later and they were gone…needless to say I’m secretly devastated.”

Ben S.
Sky Valley Customer